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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Welcome to the website of the English Toastmaster Association. On this website you will find all the details you need to know about the English Toastmaster Association. Becoming a member of our association will help to give your clients the assurance they need when hiring a professional toastmaster.

If you would like to join the British Toastmaster Association then we welcome all comers and we will closely review credentials to see if you have the relevant experience, how well you know the rules laid out by toastmasters and your competence on a professional level. If you pass the primary examination, which comes in written form, and oral presentation in front of the founder members of the association then you will be accepted as a member.

To advance further within the toastmaster association then a further examination is required which will determine how much experience you have gained and whether we feel it suitable that you do pass on to full member status which will allow you to wear a blue ribbon when you are acting as the master of ceremonies.

If you aspire to be a fellow of the English toastmaster association then you will have to face a final examination which is held by those members who have been fellows for more than two years. Once you have been accepted by the fellows you must then face the executive committee. It is easy to distinguish a fellow of the toastmaster association as they have a blue collarette which holds a larger badge than normal members.

The Presidency passes annually, by election, to members who are Fellows of the Association. Past Presidents wear a distinguishing blue and red ribbon. The highest honour the Association can bestow is that of Life Vice President and holders of that office wear a grey ribbon.


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