The English Toastmasters Association

English Toastmasters Association

  How to Join the English Toastmasters Association

We are pleased to talk to any applicants who wish to become a toastmaster and will be interested in their experience, knowledge of protocol and general professional competence.

A certificate of attendance is issued to toastmasters who have attended our basic courses which are generally run for three days. 

Upon acceptance into the English Toastmasters Association, members may wear the English Toastmasters Association badge on a blue ribbon.

When deciding on suitability for membership, we look for these qualities:

  • Outstanding communication and leadership skills.
  • Ability to listen and fully understand clients' requirements.
  • Must love the work and have a passion for excellence.
  • Ability to remain calm in any situation and to deliver an excellent quality service, based on the clients' agreed needs.
  • Works well in a team environment, (often with other professionals that may not have been met before).
  • Keeps an open mind and maintains a balanced view of issues.
  • Integrity.
  • Understands required procedures.
  • Ability to accept differences of opinion.
  • Ability to be quick thinking and make the most of every situation.
  • A large profile of high quality client testimonials in this work or other related topics


To contact us please call  - Office  01245 222392    Mobile 07971 409977    Out of hours home  01245 237778  Richard Palmer

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