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Wedding Toastmaster for Hire

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All toastmasters with pictures shown in the first six rows below, are full members of The English Toastmasters Association. Each member has £5,000,000.00 Public Liability Insurance which has been purchased for them by the English Toastmasters Association, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THOSE LIVING OUTSIDE THE UK.

We would be pleased to have the policy available for inspection at our headquarters in Essex at an agreed time by any client or perspective client. Our toastmasters also have their own copies for inspection.

Wedding Toastmasters for Hire

Each one of our Toastmasters is trained to a very high standard and will also have been trained to have a duty of care for their clients. They are all able to undertake weddings of any cultures, but some have particular specialisms in certain areas of work.

Masonic Toastmaster for your Ladies Festival

Many of our toastmasters are pleased to undertake work at Masonic Ladies Festivals. If you have any specific needs or require a toastmaster with specific skills, please call any toastmaster or our head office for further help or information.

World Wide Coverage

Some of our toastmasters will travel anywhere in the world, you may also be assured of an excellent personal service from our members in the country where they are resident.

Corporate Toastmaster

If you are looking to hire a toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies for corporate work, please browse through our members' details and contact any of our them directly.

Please click on a toastmaster's picture or name to read more, ordered alphabetically by surnames.


Essex Toastmaster for Weddings, Masonic Ladies Festivals, Corporate and Charity Events

Steve Allix



Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies Les Ames

Les Ames



Kent Toastmaster for weddings, Masonic Ladies Fetivals and all special occasions

Jeremy Beech


Lincolnshire Wedding Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies Ben Bennett

Ben Bennett



Essex wedding toastmaster and master of ceremonies based in Southend-on-Sea

Sian Belton

London & Home Counties

Southern Ireland

William Biddle Essex Toastmaster

William Biddle


London and Essex Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies for your wedding or special occasion

Keith Bone

London & Essex

Hertfordshire and Essex Toastmaster Chris Bradley

Chris Bradley


& Essex

Bristol and West Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies Mel Brooks

Mel Brooks

Bristol and West



Toastmaster Robert Browne

Robert Browne


Toastmaster Will Buckley

Will Buckley


Kent weddings and events toastmaster Simon Chapman

Simon Chapman

Kent & London

Stephen Cook Essex Toastmaster for your wedding or event

Stephen Cook


London Toastmaster for your wedding or function

Leona Cunningham


London and Home Counties

Hampshire Toastmaster Mike Denny

Mike Denny

Hampshire, Surrey

Sussex, Berks, Wilts





Jonathan Douglas


Essex Toastmaster Trevor Ducker Weddings Masonic Ladies Festivals

Trevor Ducker


Suffolk and Essex Toastmaster Michael Dun for your wedding or special event

Michael Dun

Suffolk & Essex



Essex Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies Mike Eldred

Mike Eldred


Surrey Wedding Toastmaster Mark Elphick working in London, Kent and Sussex

Mark Elphick


Simon Eve Essex based Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies

Simon Eve


Essex and Hertfordshire Toastmaster Garry Firmstone

Garry Firmstone


& Essex

Oxfordshire Northamptonshire and Warwickshire toastmaster, celebrant and master of ceremonies Russell Fowler

Russell Fowler

Oxfordshire Northamptonshire

Surrey, Kent, Sussex and London Wedding Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies

Phil Frayne


Essex based wedding toastmaster and master of ceremonies

Joan Graham


Hampshire Toastmaster Paul Grant

Paul Grant


Essex Toastmaster Steve Greene

Steve Green


Essex Toastmaster Stephen Gregory

Stephen Gregory



Essex based wedding and events toastmaster Wayne Griffiths

Wayne Griffiths


Bristol based toastmaster and master of ceremonies Gavin Hall

Gavin Hall

Bristol Glos


Isle of Wight Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies Roger Holmes

Roger Holmes

Isle of Wight

Cheshire and Chester wedding and corporate toastmaster

Tim Holmes


Dorset Toastmaster Terry Hughes

Terry Hughes





Robert Jackson


Oxfordshire Toastmaster, Master of Ceremonies and Celebrant Peter James

Peter James


Yorkshire wedding toastmaster

Kevin Johnson


Somerset Toastmaster Roger Knight

Roger Knight


Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies Tejal Kotecha

Tejas Kotecha




Hampshire wedding toastmaster and master of ceremonies

Toby Langford


Essex Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies Pete O'Driscoll

Pete O'Driscoll



Essex Wedding Lady Toastmaster Linda Palmer

Linda Palmer


Essex Wedding Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies Richard Palmer

Richard Palmer


Somerset toastmaster and master of ceremonies David Parker

David Parker


Steve Phelps

South Wales

Hertfordshire Toastmaster John Quinton - Navarro

John Quinton-



Essex and Suffolk Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies for your wedding day

Russell Rainger


Midlands Toastmaster for weddings and Master of Ceremonies

Neil Riley


London Middlesex and Surrey Toastmaster Roger Round

Roger Round

London Middlesex




Hertfordshire Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies George Marshall

George Marshall


Andy Rowe toastmaster based in Lancashire

Andy Rowe


Scottish Wedding Toastmaster




Professional Devon Wedding Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies for Hire Masonic Ladies Festivals

Brian Scales


Devon Wedding Toastmaster Allen Stockel

Allen Stockel





Tony Sykes





David Taylor


Oxfordshire Toastmaster Roy Timms

Roy Timms






Richard Waugh



Dorset Toastmaster Andrew West

Andrew West



Members Awaiting Training

Toastmasters waiting for training at The English Toastmasters Association Training School





Simon Tobin









We are pleased to say thank you to our Honorary Fellows and Life Fellow of the English Toastmasters Association for their ongoing support and kindness to our Association.

Honorary Fellow Members  Our honorary fellow members are people that have helped our Association in various ways.

Some have helped with our research and training and all are committed to the long term aims of our Association.  We are fortunate that we have such fellows as members to help in our quest for excellence in our profession.

Honorary Life Fellow Members   Our honorary Life Fellow members are people that have helped our Association by going out of their way to improve the professionalism  of our members in various ways before, whilst or after being a member of our Association.



Chris Woods

Hon. L.F.E.T.A.

Suffolk Toastmaster Chris Woods

Chris Woods




Patrick Stevenson


Patrick Stevenson, honorary member of The English Toastmasters Association



Harish Patel



Videographer Haris Patel, Jeux D'Images



Charles L. Joseph




Honorary Fellow Member of The English Toastmasters Association Charles L Joseph Photographer



Life and Retired Members



Toastmaster John Parker for talks about toastmastersJohn Parker - Middlesex

Although John is no longer a practicing toastmaster he would be pleased to attend meetings and functions where a speaker is required to give a presentation about toastmastering. John is an all round wedding professional who has been in entertainment as a singer for over 30 years.


Essex toastmaster John Churches

John Churches -  Essex


Essex Wedding and Event Toastmaster Alain HeaysmanAlain Heaysman   -   Essex


Yorkshire Toastmaster John Turner   John Turner  Yorkshire




Kent Wedding Toastmaster and Surrey Wedding Toastmaster and Master of CeremoniesPaul Watling Hampshire


I am writing to tell you that following my recent retirement and house move, and various changes in our family life generally, including my return to painting & art, I have decided to cease my toastmaster activities.

It has been a great experience and I have been delighted with the feedback from clients over the past two & half years, so there is a tinge of sadness about my decision. But my life has changed now and due to my long standing love of art and painting, I want to concentrate on getting back to my 'roots' and start exhibiting again. I have a lovely new studio, and now wish to utilise any time I have (other than usual family activities, diy, gardening, etc) for painting.


So I would be grateful if you would just let the other guys in Hampshire/Dorset know the situation, as I know we have been talking about setting up a 'regional' meeting shortly.


I want to thank you & Linda for my excellent training, the meetings we shared, and your encouragement throughout. I enjoyed the experience very much indeed.


Thank you for all your support and my best wishes to you both.  Paul Watling



To contact The English Toastmasters Association please call - Office 01245 222392 Mobile 07971 409977


Vincent Borromeo Toastmaster in Italy

Vincent Borromeo - Milan, Italy

Unfortunately due to a car accident Vincent was unable to work as a Toastmaster for a while, but is now back and fully recovered. 

We are now in regular conversation and Vincent is in England for a while as of 7th March 2018. 

He is working as a toastmaster and his phone details are on his page.











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