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When it comes to ceremony, nobody does it like the English and why not ? In a country steeped in tradition you would expect no less. It is uniquely recognised that the occupation of a Toastmaster as practised in the United Kingdom is steeped in history and is supremely English. No other country in the world has a recognised profession as a Toastmaster. There are MCs but they do not have the knowledge and expertise of a trained English Toastmaster.

Today's modern Toastmaster is a Master-of-Ceremonies, events manager and co-ordinator, diplomat; time-keeper and master of the safety pin. In his bright red coat, that flash of colour that gives his very presence a touch of class, theatre, style and pzazz, he presides over your event making sure that everything runs smoothly.

The English Toastmaster can now inject some ceremony into your 'special occasion' and still retain that sense of fun. From greeting guests to helping your Photographer, announcing the Receiving Line, liaising with your Catering Manager, introducing the Speeches, The English Toastmaster will guide you through the protocol and etiquette of the Wedding day, adding that little bit of theatre and style to your special occasion.

Some of the roles that I undertake at the Wedding Breakfast:

  • Receive and Direct your Guests at the venue
  • Receive and Escort the Bride and Bridegroom
  • Liaise with your Photographer/Videographer
  • Organise and announce the 'Receiving Line'
  • Announce the 'Wedding Breakfast'
  • Direct Guests to their places
  • Announce the 'Entrance' of the Bride and Bridegroom
  • Escort the Bride and Bridegroom to their places
  • Say 'Grace' before the meal (or introduce a Cleric or Guest to do so)
  • Announce the 'Toasts and Speeches'
  • Announce and organise the 'Cutting of the Cake'
  • Make any additional announcements that may be required throughout
  • Liaise with the venue
  • Be on hand to advise on any other relevant matters
  • Formally close the Wedding Breakfast

    Of course, there maybe more duties which I will also gladly perform...
  • Diplomatic and Civic Occasions
  • Military and Regimental Functions
  • Institute and Corporate Dinners
  • Rotary, Round Table Events
  • Balls and Banquets
  • Dinner Dances and Gala Evenings
  • Burns Night Suppers ( in Full Dress Kilt )
  • Garden Parties and Charity Events
  • Fundraising Auctions
  • Company Presentations & Product launches
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Conferences and Trade Shows
  • Sporting Evenings and Events
  • Formal and Informal Lunches
...are just a few of the many functions that can be made 'extra special' by the English Toastmaster..






















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