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Toastmasters in the UK

On this page is a list of all toastmasters and organisations for and representing toastmasters that we have found in the UK.  

The English Toastmasters Association is the first organisation for toastmasters to put together such a list, which we believe will help potential clients to understand the choices that they have available to them. We are the quality Association of choice and the second largest organisation for toastmasters who wear the red tail coat and look after their clients at functions. I have stressed this as we are not part of Toastmasters International, who are there to help people gain confidence and become better public speakers. We are also the only Association to offer a career development path for our member toastmasters with ongoing training, as part of a structured development path to offer higher quality services to their clients. We are also the only Association with our own training facilities, in house, offering the best possible services at our headquarters in Essex.

To contact us please call - Office 01245 222392 Mobile 07971 409977

The following information is taken from and about other organisations that represent toastmasters.  Many of the comments are taken directly from their web sites and are not our comments.  We are trying to give you an indication of the other bodies that are representing toastmasters and how they see themselves and other details that we hope may be useful for you.


London & Counties Toastmasters Guild      

This is a new appearance as of October 2011 and seems to have two members and no web site. The pictures of the members show the uniform being worn incorrectly and the wording on the members sites does not show a real understanding of our profession. Some of the wording has been taken from other sites and generally shows no initiative to change for the better. There are no testimonials at the present time and Public Liability Insurance is worth checking to make sure that they have this cover.

The Association of Scottish Toastmasters  The Association of Scottish Toastmasters is the only organisation representing professional Toastmasters working in Scotland and was formed in the millennium year. The members, who have over one hundred years of experience between them, officiate at Royal and State occasions, weddings, banquets, dinners and many other formal and informal functions.

The Kentish Toastmasters Association

This new association is only mentioned on two sites as far as we are aware and has no members apart from a husband and wife team that now appear to have their own association. You may be best advised to check for a valid and current Public Liability Insurance Certificate to be safe.

South West Guild of Toastmasters This new guild is only mentioned on a couple of sites and is an informal group of toastmasters calling themselves a guild.. You may be best advised to check for a valid and current Public Liability Insurance Certificate to be safe.

Find a Toastmaster  If you are looking for a toastmaster and cannot find one easily (having checked out our members on this site), this is a site that will help you find a toastmaster. They have a register of Toastmasters. One of our members at The English Toastmasters Association is also registered at this site. PLEASE BE ADVISWED THAT THERE MAY BE TOASTMASTERS ON THIS SITE WHO DO NOT BELONG TO AN ASSOCIATION, MAY NOT HAVE INSURANCE TO WORK, OR WHO ARE NOT EXPERIENCED TOASTMASTERS. One of our members is listed on this site and Eric Gill is very friendly and helpful. Eric R Gill is the Hon. Secretary & Founder Member.


Logo of the Society of London ToastmastersThe Society of London Toastmasters was formed in January 1953 and is the oldest of the various Toastmaster organisations that currently exist in the UK. More details may be found at




Master of Ceremonies Club - The Master of Ceremonies Club

National Association Of Toastmasters BadgeNational Association of Toastmasters was founded in 1954 to uphold and develop the standards of the profession. More details may be found at






The Toastmasters and Masters of Ceremonies Federation is one of the oldest professional Toastmaster organisations in the UK having been founded in 1954. More details may be found at






Logo for the Masters of Ceremonies ClubThe Masters of Ceremonies Club is made up from some experienced toastmasters, some of whom were members of the Society of London Toastmasters. Although the formal role of a Toastmaster is still required in The City and West End of London, many clients frequently ask for a more informal approach to coordinate their events, but still with a professional style and approach. Therefore, The Masters of Ceremonies Club was formed. The members are all accomplished professionals and are happy to provide just the right level of formality as required.  Direct link




Logo for the London Guild of ToastmastersThe Toastmasters Guild, also known as the The London Guild of Toastmasters  'The London Guild of Toastmasters' was formed in 1960 by Albert L. Johnson, who at the time was the Senior Toastmaster in the country. The Guild was formed to accommodate qualified and experienced Toastmasters to meet together and discuss a wide range of subjects pertinent to the profession. This ultimately led to maintaining a high standard and level at which to operate.   More details may be found at




Logo for the Guild of International Professional ToastmastersThe Guild of International Professional Toastmasters was established on 10th June, 1968, to promote the very highest standards of performance and conduct in Professional Toastmasters and Masters of Ceremonies.  All members, at present 27, start off as Fellows because they go through a rigourous training program before they are accepted as members. More details may be found at





The Executive Guild of Toastmasters and Town Criers comprise around 23 members, Professional Toastmasters and Town Criers and are available to hire for any occasion. Some members of this association are also members of other associations.





Essex and London Toastmasters  say that they are a team of professional Toastmasters and Master of Ceremonies. We work in liaison with each other to ensure that whatever or whenever the occasion we can guarantee to supply you with a Toastmaster. A small team that will probably take a commission for finding you a toastmaster as one member belongs to several toastmaster organisations.


Badge of the Guild of Professional ToastmastersGuildThe Professional Toastmasters' Academy  From the original formation of The Guild of Professional Toastmasters, training has been a very important part of the Guild's aims and objectives. This ensures that when clients engage a Toastmaster from the Guild, they can be sure that the person who will arrive on that very important day is fully trained and qualified and more than capable of smoothing the way through the events of your special occasion. Even though training has been provided through the auspices of the Guild for many years, since 1998 the Professional Toastmasters' Academy has been particularly focused on training Toastmasters to meet the challenges and changes which we see in the 21st Century. The Academy is the training arm of the Guild but it is a separate organisation, established under its own constitution. Anyone who wishes to be trained as a Toastmaster through the Academy could not get a better start in their career.






logo of The Institute of Toastmasters of Great BritainThe Institute of Toastmasters of Great Britain was founded in 1972 by Robert Dean with Stanley Stower the founding president for 1972/73. It is stated that "The membership of the Institute is made up of a group of some of the most experienced toastmasters in the UK who are intent on upholding the very high standards that the profession demands" and who are able to pass on to newer members their guidance and expertise. Applicants to the institute who are already toastmasters are required by the institute, to go through what they suggest is, a rigorous process of examination to ensure that they are proficient enough to be considered members.




Independent Toastmasters Association, now seems to have disappeared off the planet and may have regrouped as of which there are only three members listed, with very few details about their aims and objectives. One of their members is also a member of another group.

Logo of the UK School of Professional Toastmasters

Logo for The UK School of Professional ToastmastersAssociation of the UK School of Professional Toastmasters  Recently taken over, due to the retitement of their former principal, the aim at the UK School of Professional Toastmasters Ltd., is to train suitable people who wish to serve in our society as professional toastmasters, to open their experience to the correct and dignified knowledge and skills of the toastmaster and to prepare them for professional part-time or full-time employment.  More details may be found at



Logo for the Toastmasters General CouncilToastmasters General Council was founded in 1981, to provide the opportunity for delegates of the member organisations to meet regularly to exchange information, discuss matters of protocol and professional standards and to create goodwill and understanding between all Toastmasters





Logo of the Northern Guild of ToastmastersNorthern Guild of Toastmasters  Early in 1985 a number of gentlemen, who were carrying out the duties of Toastmaster throughout the North of England and beyond, met in Blackpool with the intention of forming a group in the north. As a result of that meeting, on the 1st of April 1985 at the Imperial Hotel, Blackpool, The Northern Guild of Toastmasters was formed with these original gentlemen as its founder members.  The Guild has grown in stature since, and it now has 37 members dedicated to the skills of their profession.




Logo for David Tilt AssociatesDavid Tilt Associates was founded by the late David Tilt in 1993.  His mission was to provide a highly trained and motivated team of professional Toastmasters that would service the special event and wedding industry nationwide.  More details may be found at





The Guild of International Toastmasters  The Ivor Spencer School for Professional Toastmasters has been established for 30 years.   Ivor Spencer was Life President and Founder of The Guild of International Professional Toastmasters (1924-2009)  The Guild of International Professional Toastmasters are a sole trader and their registered address is 22 Great Mead, Denmead, Waterlooville, Hamshire, PO7 6HH.


The Federation of Professional Toastmasters LogoThe Federation of Professional Toastmasters  The Federation was founded in 1985 by two like-minded and enthusiastic professionals, Noel Hampton and Alan Yates (deceased), to promote the art of the toastmaster.  Over the years membership has extended from Norfolk and Suffolk and now includes members from Cornwall to Scotland.   Every member is a trained professional, fully conversant with the variety of functions requiring a high standard of knowledge, accuracy, dignity and control, presented with quintessential British traditional style and elegance. Membership is made up of professional toastmasters throughout the United Kingdom with a member officiating in Cyprus. Application for membership is open to both experienced toastmasters and those wishing to enter the profession, subject to examination and interview. (please see link to joining). The Federation is a member of The Toastmasters’ General Council, founded in 1981, a National organisation. The aims are to promote professional standards, goodwill and understanding between individual toastmasters and member organisations.




Logo of the Alliance of ToastmastersThe Alliance of Toastmasters  An organisation of Professional Toastmasters whose members are experienced in presiding at receptions and multi-faith dinners for many religious denominations and particularly Christian, Jewish, Asian and Mediterranean.  Some of the following organisations are not quite so easy to find information about, but we will continue to try to get some more information for you, on an ongoing basis.





Logo of the Executive Guild of Toastmasters and Town Criers

The Institute of Masters of Ceremonies and Toastmasters The Executive Guild of Toastmasters and Town Criers  Training is a very important part of the Executive Guild’s aims and objectives.  It ensures that when our members are engaged for business, clients have hired a professional that is trained and qualified.  Someone that is more than capable of dealing with every type of situation, ensuring that the event runs smoothly to the satisfaction of the host or hosts. This organisation looks to be run by two experienced toastmasters, specifically for training toastmasters since the National Association has closed its training facilities.



The Toastmaster Training Academy, although a separate operation, is the training arm of the Executive Guild and as such offers membership to those that have successfully graduated from the course.


Logo of the Royal Guild of ToastmastersThe Royal Guild of Toastmasters   This so called organisation, as far as we can find out, consists of only one member ( who happens to be the president ) and was using one of our photographs without permission or acknowlodgement!!!  The patron, Sir Robert Crill K. B. C. passed away on 3rd October 2005 and was the baliff of Jersey from 1986 to 1995





The Master of Ceremonies Federation Equity


Logo of Professional Toastmaster Services

Professional Toastmaster Services are a highly trained team of individuals, the preferred choice of many, with a wealth of experience and expertise. Our Toastmasters are spread over the UK and our coverage is nationwide. There are 5 members shown on their website with no individual members information.




The Britannic Guild of Toastmasters  We have found no details or web site for this guild

Association of British Toastmasters. We have found no further information about this claimed Association

British & International Fellowship Of Toastmasters  This organisation, as far as we can find out, consists of only one member.



Logo for The Circle of ToastmastersThe Circle of Toastmasters    The Circle of Toastmasters was formed to maintain the highest standards of the Toastmasters' profession and to train and support all our members.   13 Members as at 12th June 2012






Federation of Professional British Toastmasters  The Federation is a new and modern Organisation initially set up by Chris Webb, an ex Member of the English Toastmasters Association and launched with the help of Tony Smith and Colin Whitehead who were existing members of the E.T.A. as of 24th April 2012They have both now left this Federation and Colin has rejoined The English Toastmasters Association.

Testimonials originally shown for two of the three member toastmasters were gained whilst only belonging to the English Toastmasters Association. The testimonials for Chris Webb were, in the main, also gained whilst being a member of our Association.

The Federation of Professional British Toastmasters badge was in the Public Domain when it was added to this site and the information here was correct at the time it was written here. Some things change but the Federation now seems to be down to two members only or if there are three, one of them is also a member of this association and we do not have any issues with this. Information added Wednesday 16th October 2013 at 14.54hrs.


If you wish to add comments or to have any details changed please just let us know.



The first toastmasters listed with photographs, ( who all have direct access to their pages on this site ) belong to

The English Toastmasters Association

and are trained to the highest possible standards.


The idea of this list is to help anyone looking for a toastmaster in their area to easily find a toastmaster for their function.

The list will also give a good indication of the number of toastmasters that operate in the UK and which organisation they belong to, if any. Some toastmasters may belong to more than one organisation.

If you are a toastmaster and want to be included in this list or would like to have a link from this page to your own site for a small fee, please use the contact form below. 

If you are a toastmaster and want an enhanced listing we will be pleased to accommodate you for a small fee and again please use the contact form from the link shown below.

The English Toastmasters Association is a growing organisation for toastmasters with quality members offering quality services to their clients.

Our Members

  Richard Palmer F. M. E. T. A.

Essex Wedding Toastmaster Richard Palmer
A Founder Member of the English Toastmasters Association, Richard who lives in Chelmsford, Essex, England UK offers a great deal more than just Toast mastering... If you want the best reactions from your guests and to be pampered on your special day, Richard is the man for you. Richard is a highly client focused toastmaster, which means that if you are a bride and are looking for a toastmaster to make you feel really special on your wedding day, he will be the the right choice for you.
Linda Palmer F. M. E. T. A .
Linda Palmer Essex toastmaster

A Founder Member of the English Toastmasters Association with over 15 years experience of organising and running functions, Linda, who lives in Chelmsford, Essex, England, UK will give you the confidence that your function will run smoothly. With Linda as your toastmaster you can relax and enjoy your day...

Russell Rainger F. M. E. T. A.
Essex Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies Russell Rainger

A Founder Member of the English Toastmasters Association, Russell, who lives in Suffolk, England, UK, has the skills and know-how to work with you to ensure that your function is meticulously planned and executed. Russell is a professional and experienced Toastmaster who will assist with the smooth running and coordination of your function to ensure that everyone has a relaxed and enjoyable day. Whatever your specific needs, Russell will be happy to discuss your requirements.

John Quinton Navvaro M. E. T. A.
John Quinton-Navarro -wedding toastmaster hertfordshire weddings John has a real passion for helping people as a toastmaster and would love to give you the opportunity of experiencing his help and expertise on your special day. John has been involved with Round Table and 41 Club for a number of years, this is an organisation that is always looking at helping others and he would like to continue this by way of making your special day more relaxed and enjoyable, knowing you can call on him to do what ever you would like help with.
Terry Hughes M. E. T. A.
Terry Hughes toastmaster in Dorset Terry lives in Poole, Dorset, England, UK, and will travel across the South West region of England to be your toastmaster/master of ceremonies, as far as Devon and Cornwall in the West, and Sussex in the East. A new modern breed of toastmaster is evolving, encompassing traditional protocols and etiquette, with a more modern personal level of service and attention to clients. Terry is proud to be part of this evolution and is confident you will be very pleasantly surprised.
Roy Timms M. E. T. A.
Roy lives in Bicester, Oxfordshire, England, UK and will be pleased to look after your every need whatever type of function you are having. Roy will add that extra touch of class and with a smile to make you feel good, will have all your guests enjoying your event and being made to feel special. Roy will ensure your special day runs smoothly and is enjoyed by all, relieving you of any pressures, knowing that your event is in experienced and capable hands. If you are holding a Ladies Festival and need a toastmaster who sings the Ladies song, Look no further, Roy will be the right choice for you.
Andrew West M. E. T. A.

Toastmaster Andrew West

Andrew lives in Poole, Dorset, UK and would be pleased to assist you will the planning and preparation of your function or event to ensure on the day it runs smoothly and exactly as you wish. Andrew is sure to enhance any occasion with his professional expertise and professionalism. You a can expect the highest level of care and attention throughout. When you choose Andrew as your wedding toastmaster you can be certain you are in safe and capable hands.

Stephen Gregory M. E. T. A.
East Anglia based Toastmaster Stehen Gregory, Essex Toastmaster, Masonic Ladies Festival Toastmaster

Stephen lives in Stambourne, Essex,UK and is a professional toastmaster with a modern approach combined with traditional values As your wedding toastmaster Stephen will add a touch of elegance and formality to your special day. Stephen will be pleased to assist you with your planning and preparation and is on hand to advise you on all aspects of etiquette and protocol. You can be assured Stephen will take care of you and your guests with exact attention to detail.

Roger Holmes M. E. T. A.
Roger lives in Ventnor, Isle of Wight, England, UK and has been involved in overseeing functions and compering shows for around 30 years. Being a toastmaster is a natural progression from this work and the love Roger has for looking after his clients and making sure that they get the day of their dreams is evident. Roger has a relaxed and friendly style but takes his work very seriously. Nothing is too much trouble for Roger because his aim and purpose is to make sure that everyone enjoys the occasion. Although Roger lives on the Isle of Wight, he is very happy to travel anywhere that his work takes him.

Roger is also an organist and a pianist and would be happy to combine these skills when working at weddings for his clients. He is also able to provide wedding entertainment and entertainment for ladies festivals with the addition of a female vocalist. In fact Roger would be an ideal choice if you are looking for a complete toastmaster and entertainment package for your function.

Although Roger is not shown at the top of this list, he has been a toastmaster for over three years and wanted to enhance his original training by joining the English Toastmasters Association. We wish him every success and are pleased to help with his career development path, bringing excellence to his clients.

Roger Knight M. E. T. A.
Somerset Toastmaster Roger Knight

With over 30 years experience in event planning, management, marketing and entertainment Roger is well suited to make sure that your event is as stress free and as well organised as it can be. Roger can guide you through all the formalities and by using his event planning experience will make sure that your event runs smoothly and professionally leaving you to actually enjoy your event and not have to worry about who is doing what.

Roger treats every function as a one off ‘Special’ which guarantees you an exceptional service with excellent advice presented in a professional manner. Whilst steeped in tradition, Roger also brings a fresh, modern approach to customer service and can easily adapt to suit your requirements.

Roger is based in the beautiful county of Somerset, but is more than happy to travel throughout the UK & Ireland. He will also undertake International work as well and is happy to perform his duties to people of all cultures who want to add that something ‘Extra Special’ to their event.

Whether it is a wedding, corporate event an international conference or any of the endless list of events that can use the services of a Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies, you can be assured of an excellent, professional, flexible and friendly service.

Allen Stockel M. E. T. A.
Devon Wedding Toastmaster for Hire

Allen will be pleased to ensure that your wedding day or special event is a truly memorable occasion.

Allen is a kind gentleman who brings charm and sophistication to your special day. He will make you and your guests feel relaxed with his cheerful manner.

He will make you feel special and well cared for with everything running just the way that you want.

Chris Woods Hon. Life Fellow M. E. T. A.
Suffolk toastmaster and master of ceremonies for hire Chris Woods

Chris lives in Woodbridge, Suffolk and has been involved with many types of functions over the years including organising Royal visits during his time in the Royal Navy.

Chris cares passionately for his clients and understands that you would want your day to go smoothly and to be stress free. He will guide you to make sure that you have a wonderful day with memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

As your toastmaster or master of ceremonies Chris will help you to make your day a truly memorable one by using his charm, expertise, experience and professionalism.

Being a member of the English Toastmasters Association means that Chris has been trained to the highest standards of client care and you will feel very safe and secure in Chris’s hands.

Chris is taking a year out during 2015 and we wish him well.

Michael Sandle M. E. T. A.
Essex Wedding Toastmaster

Mike lives in Suffolk and is delighted to offer you his services for planning your special day. After a full career in HM Forces which saw him conducting and leading displays at major public events, Mike has a wealth of experience of ‘the big day’.

He will ensure that your event receives the highest level of care and attention to detail allowing you to relax, confident in the knowledge that you are in caring and professional hands.

Mike is available throughout East Anglia for all corporate, civic, formal and informal social events and is more than happy to travel further afield.
Steve Phelps M. E. T. A.
South Wales Toastmaster

Hailing from the historic town of Llantwit Major, near Cardiff in South Wales, Steve has been involved in organising functions and looking after the needs of individuals for more than 30 years.  Steve’s passion in applying these skills to your special day is to ensure that you and your guests have a wonderful and memorable time. 

Meticulous in his attention to detail, and trained to the highest standards demanded by the English Toastmaster Association, you may relax safe in the knowledge that your every wish is being taken care of.

It would be Steve’s privilege to use his experience and professionalism to guide you and accommodate your needs, whatever they may be.

Leona Cunningham M. E. T. A.

London Toastmaster for your wedding or function

Leona is based in London and has over fifteen years’ experience of looking after clients and has been welcoming guests as the head of reception at the Grand Connaught Rooms for the last nine years. She is extremely client focused and will attend to your every need.

Having been involved in award dinners, dinner - dances, corporate hospitality, conferences, weddings, luncheons, private celebrations, fundraising and anniversaries, to name but a few, Leona is well experienced at many types of functions and will be pleased to put you at ease.

Leona will be very pleased to personally assist you on your special day, spending time with you to plan and tailor your day to your exact specifications.

Leona’s passion is looking after her clients for any special occasions.  She will be delighted to look after you and make sure that you have total peace of mind and that your guests are all made to feel special!

Tim Holmes M. E. T. A.
Cheshire and Chester wedding and corporate toastmaster

A member of the English Toastmasters Association, Tim has been trained to the high standards expected by clients who are seeking a Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies.

You can put your trust in him as he makes your important day, one to remember.

He carries out his duties with dedication, zeal and a charming sense of humour that will delight you.

Living in Chester means he is available in Cheshire, Liverpool, Wirral and North Wales.

Jeremy Beech  
Kent Toastmaster for weddings, Masonic Ladies Fetivals and all special occasions  
Steve Allix  
Essex Toastmaster for Weddings, Masonic Ladies Festivals, Corporate and Charity Events  
Kevin R. Johnson  
Yorkshire wedding toastmaster  


The following list of Toastmasters are listed beneath the name of the organisation that they may belong to


The Alliance of Toastmasters

Tom Abbott

Walter Reeves

Richard Heywood

Paul Deacon

Richard Moore

Gloria Sweden

Lionel Rose


The Association of Scottish Toastmasters 9 members listed

Brian Baxter

Martin Bell

John Coyne

Bob Henderson

Aiden Livingston

Morris Manson

Maureen Martin

Hugh O'Neil

John Smith


The Association of The U.K. School of Professional Toastmasters 71 members listed

Alan Cockayne 

Alan Deacon

Alan Feeney
Alan Pope

Alec Walker

Alexander Wilson

Anthony Green

Anthony Morton

Barbara Maggs

Bradley Parkes

Brian Wroe

Christopher Wilkinson MBE

Chris Upham BEM

David Abbott
David Davies

David MacLeod

David Stanley

David Wylie

Dennis Wall

Edmund Wells

Eric Porter

Gary Lowcock-Bell

Glenda Procter

Glenn Mayes

Graham Hunt

Greg Fenner

James MacLeod

Jane Burridge

Jane Williams

John Humphreys

John Nelson

John Shade

John Oakley

John Reid

John Yarrow

Kim Waters

Les Hizzett

Lesley Keenan

Mark Shaw-Brookman

Matthew Adam

Michael Robertson

Michelle Aston

Nichola Henderson

Nicholas Funnell
Nicholas Pascoe

Nigel Barry

Patrick Lethaby

Paul Mitchell

Peter Thompson

Philip Cook

Phil Shorthouse

Richard Baker

Richard Sams

Robert Brown

Robert Charles

Robert Gilbert

Robert Lloyd

Roger Holmes

Roger Philips

Roger Whitfield

Sandra Pilgrim

Sheridan Bowers

Stewart Lilly

Stuart Holton

Susan Hall

Sybil Cox

Terence Smith

Terry Summers

Timothy Lee

Tony Booth

Trever Brown

William Craige


The Circle of Toastmasters 13 members listed

Tony Barrett

Colin Brunton

Alan Feeney

Alan Flavell

David Hall

Jane Hall

Reuben Lynch

Bee Phipps

Des Richards

Davis Stallworthy

Stephen Townsend

Peter Waite


The Executive Guild of Toastmasters and Town Criers 35 members listed

Robert Bayliss

Janet Blann

Guy Boyling

David Bulmer

Jack Burns

Mark Clare

Thomas ( Tom ) Creighton

Trevor English

Alan Feeney

David Finch

Gary Fishwick

Alan Flavell

Eric Gill

Mehendra (Metro) Gokal

Nick Goodman

Peter Headington

Scott Hughes

David Hunt

Charles Lamb

Richard Luscombe

Paul Maltby

Kevin Masters

Ian Parrott

Chris Phillips

Michael Ramsdon

Raj Shamji

Maurice Smith

Trevor Smith

Dave Stallworthy

Martin Strong

Peter Thomas

Denise Ward

Stephen Watson

Ben Wood

Peter York


Federation of Professional Toastmasters members 11 listed

Les Hizzett - Doncaster
Graham T. Kinnersley - Yorkshire
Rodger Oatley - Suffolk
Gerry Rhodes - Suffolk

Derrick B Thomas, Suffolk
Robin Twigge - Norfolk
Don Watt - Suffolk

Chris Watt - Suffolk
Steve Williams - Suffolk

Martin Wynne - Norfolk
Alan Peek - Cyprus


The Guild of International Professional Toastmasters 26 members listed

Ashley Powell
Bob Parker
Philip Gardner
Tony Appleton
Alan J. Coxon, M.B.E.

Stephen Watson

Brett Portman

Bernard Smith

Mark Dormer

Phil Donoghue

John Dugdale, FGIntPT
Michael Fieldhouse, FGIntPT

Barbara Barwick-Nichollson

Andy Stroud

David Bailiff

Iwan Jones

Peter Blewden

Peter Minney

Sue Pilgrim

Dennis Kinnersley

Katie Nelson

Stuart Henderson

Ronnie Booth

Ray Taylor

Steve Haynes

Claire M. Bostel


Guild of Professional Toastmasters 26 listed


Robert Grosse FInstAM
J.R. (Jack) Adair MBE
Northern Ireland & Mainlaind
Graham Beacom
Matt Biggin
Norman Brown
Richard P Cawte
David Collison
Peter Corbin Essex
Gareth Corris-Jones
Ken Dellbridge
Philip Henderson
Eric Husband
Des Keoghane MBE
Jeffry King
Steve Mann
David Martin
Allan Nicholls
David Pearson
Keith Reading
Brian Sanders
Trevor Smith
Ron Symington Buckinghamshire
Bernard Thain
North Yorkshire
Chris Thomas
Paul Tredgett
Michael Underwood


The Institute of Toastmasters of Great Britain 33 members listed

Jim Attridge

George Buckley - Dorset

Mike Burke - Dorset

Charles Chaney - Kent

Robert EG Civil - Northants

Deborah Collings - Elstree, Herts

Peter Collis Maidenhead - Berkshire

Robert F Gee - London and Surrey

Tony Gilbert - Maidstone, Kent

Frederick W. Green - Berkshire

Leslie Harris - Surrey
(Ms)Frances Hill - Kent

John C. Humphries - Suffolk
Graham Hunt - East Anglia

John Lillie - Hampshire

Harry Matthews - Essex

David Morgan - Wales
Peter Morrall - Northants.
John Oakely - Kent

Keith Painter - Essex
T Grey Philips - Swansea

Ian Richardson - Suffolk
George Rodger - Surrey

Lionel Rose - Middlesex

Mervyn Rutter - Mersey Island

(Mrs)Joyce Sterland - Leicester
Dennis M Surgeon - Essex

Gloria Sweeden - Middlesex

Graham Thomas - Swansea
Derek Wagstaff - Essex

Bill Walford - North Somerset

Ray Weedon (Dorset)

Jonathan Wyner


The Master of Ceremonies Club with 17 associates listed

David Collins

Chris Burgess

Stuart Hutchingson

Pat O'Higgins MVO

Sean Andrews

Paul Craycraft

Mike Thwaites

Chris Hanrahan

Joseph Nascimento

Darren Andrews

Peter Nesbit

Richard Mansfield

Peter Dyer

Stephen Henderson

Ewan Denny

Jack Burns

Simon Green


National Association of Toastmasters 61 members listed





Dunstable, Bedfordforshire




Tewin, Hertfordshire




Eastham, Wirrel




Wistow, Leicester




Maidstone, Kent




Broxburn, West Lothian

  John Charles Bognor Regis, West Sussex

John R L

Cooke FBII

Wistaston, Cheshire

  Tony Cooper Bognor Regis, West Sussex



St Helens, Lancashire




Christchurch, Dorset




London, W2 2PY




Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire




East Twickenham, Middlesex


Peter J


Leeds, Yorkshire

  Guy Farrow Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire


Forward FCMI

Guildford, Surrey


Eric R


Trowbridge Wilts.



Graves OBE

Seley, West Sussex



Hythe, Kent




Frisby-on-the-Wreake, Leicestershire




Edinburgh, Scotland




Rickmansworth, Herts.




Maidstone, Kent


Wesley V


Rochester, Kent




Warnham, West Sussex




Chesterfield, Derbyshire




Leicester, Leicestershire




Wakefield, West Yorkshire




St Albans, Hertfordshire




Gravesend, Kent

  Chris Metherell Leybourne, Kent



Portsmouth, Hampshire




Costa Tequise, Lanzarote




Northwood, Middx




Deal, Kent




Deal, Kent




Ipswich, Suffolk



Poole CBE

Silchester, Hampshire




Horndon-on-the-Hill, Essex

  Jay Rachet Poole, Dorset



Newark, Nottinghamshire




Ilford, Essex




Kempston, Bedfordshire

  Fred Ross Canterbury, Kent



Borehamwood, Hertfordshire


Stephen T


Atherton, Manchester








Edgware, Middlesex



Solomons FGTC

Findon Village, West Sussex




Lymington, Hampshire




Rochester, Kent




Blandford, Dorset




Bexley, Kent


Peter D


Altincham, Cheshire




Dymchurch, Kent




Hughenden Valley, Buckinghamshire



Williams BEM

Enfield, Middlesex




Orpington, Kent

  David Wylie Dartford, Kent


Northern Guild of Toastmasters  38 members listed

Barry Balmayne - West Midlands

Gary Bell

Brian Clarke - Wigan

Alan Callow - Rochdale

Jenny Parkes - London

George Phillips - Blackpool

Michael Fieldhouse - Lincoln

Rod Gibson - Preston

Arthur Casson - Blackpool

Richard Matthews - Kendal

Terrence McNicols - Manchester

Peter Aust - Manchester

Shawn Davies - Denbigshire

Frederick Jones - Cheshire

Steven Sanders - Manchester

Reuben Lynch - Warwickshire

Graham Wood - Stockport

Ken Hollett - Cheshire

David Lister - Jersey

David McBain - Blackpool

Richard Aves

Peter \whitehead - Barnsley

Michael Clarke -  Rochdale

Raymond Bonnard - Rochdale

David Ruane - Blackpool

Peter Burrows - Stockport

John Dawson - Kirby Stephen

William Sheldon - Westhoughton

John Harpham - Blackpool

Peter Powell - Lymm

Brian Wroe - Bolton

Derek Timmins-Jones - Rochdale

Christopher Lamb - Blackpool

Malcolm Kindon - Cheshire

Ken Hollett - Cheshire

Robert Wareham - Blackpool

George Pye -

Colin Ballard - Lytham St. Annes

Mike Culleton - Merseyside


The Toastmasters Guild (London Guild of Toastmasters) 23 members listed


Andrew Bignold


Brian Belton

West Sussex

James Birmingham

East Sussex

Guy Boyling

West Sussex

Arnold Brooks


Ken Chaproniere Milton Keynes

Robert Civil


Roger Davey


Dave Denman


Stanley Dowsett


Nick Grant


John Grosse


Stephen J Hall


Malcolm Jones  

Harry Matthews

Romford Essex

Clive Maynard


David Nash


Robin Powell


Tony Rance


Dickie Richards


Stuart Sayer


Paul Smith


Peter Tautz  


The Society Of London Toastmasters 14 members listed

David Barnes

Richard Birtchnell

Paul Campion

Brian Francois

Glen Grant

Brian Greenan

John Hollingsworth

Frank Manning

Robert Persell

Daniel Stollar

Roy Theobald

Peter Timony

Jamie Wallis

Roy Warman


The Toastmasters and Masters of Ceremonies Federation 31 members listed

The Federation state that 22 members are Full members, 3 are Associate members and 8 are Life ( retired ) members

Steve Eggleton - West Chiltington, West Sussex

Colin Lawerence - Harston, Cambridgeshire

Andrew Marvelle - Thurrock, Essex

Roger Thompson - Sanderstead, Surrey

Colin Beaumont - WEstcliff-On-Sea, Essex

David Mills - Thorpe Bay, Essex

Paul Casson - Caldicot, Monmouthshire

Harry Matthews - Romford, Essex

Bill Barr - Bourton, Gloucestershire

Steve Chislett - Ferndown, Dorset

Arnold Brooks - Bushey, Herts

Brian Wright - Marks Tey, Essex

Brian Eagling - Romford, Essex

Dave Stallworthy  - South Gloucestershire

James Shrubb - Billericay Essex

Brian Simpson - Ware, Herts

Micharl Walton

Graham Reader

Paul Smith

Martin Jukes

Rob Pearce

Colin Smith

Associate Members

Robert Campbell

Bob Hopkins

Noel Thompson

Life Members

Jan Burnette

Owen Tovey

Peter D'Arcy

Peter Evans

Stan Davidson

Peter Frost

John Puttock

Alan Reynolds


Independent Toastmasters Association seems to be no more and may have reorganised as the

Graham Dorward

John Fearn

Graham Reader


Tributes to town crier Peter Moore  Peter Moore   Sadly passed away 20th December 2009

London's larger than life town crier Peter Moore sadly passed away just before christmas, Mr Moore, who was Southwark's town crier, toastmaster and deputy mace bearer, died at his Wandsworth home on December 20th 2009. He carried out his last official engagement at the Southwark Mayor councilor Jeff Hook's christmas reception the day before. In November he appeared at the South London Press Heroes award ceremony to present an award.

Mr Moore was London's official town crier for 31 years and also represented London Mayor Boris Johnson. North Southwark and Bermondsey MP Simon Hughes said he was a "larger than life character", he said "he would be greatly missed by the thousands who knew him and by the many others who will have seen him doing his duties but never had the privilege of getting to know him".

Councilor Hook, said Mr Moore was a "kind and caring person who strived to carry out his official duties, even when not enjoying the best health". He said "Peter was a close friend and acted as a master of ceremonies at our civil partnership". "He will be sorely missed at future civic events in Southwark and across London".

Mr Moore's former partner, Maxine Howard, 48, said he had suffered two heart attacks earlier this year. He also spent several weeks in hospital when he was knocked off his beloved scooter in September. Miss Howard said "He didn't have a very good year but Peter was a trooper and never let anything get him down". "He had the most wonderful speaking voice - amazing dulcet tones and he was charming and charismatic, he could just hold a room".

He attended Charles and Diana's wedding in 1981 and appeared on the David Letterman Show.

Miss Howard said, "You name it Peter's done it. He always just wanted to represent all that London had to offer".

The following is a list of nearly 500 toastmasters in alphabetical order which we are working on now to try to find every toastmaster originating in the UK.

Our own members are highlighted in bold text.


Surname First Name Location More Info More Info
Abbott Basil Norfolk    
Abbott David Sussex    
Abbott Tom Bedfordshire    
Abraham Mark Ascot    
Adair MBE J R Northern Ireland    
Adam Matthew Yorkshire    
Adams M.E.T.A. Lizbeth Berkshire & Wiltshire    
Akehurst Christine Bedfordshire    
Alexander Michaels Hampshire    
Allen Paul Dartmouth    
Allix M.E.T.A. Steve Essex    
Ames M.E.T.A. Les Hertfordshire    
Anstead M.E.T.A. Mark Essex & Wiltshire    
Anthony John Hawkinge    
Appleton Tony Essex    
Aust Peter Manchester    
Austin Roy Reading    
Aves Richard Cheshire    
Baines Peter Renfrewshire    
Baker Elissa Manchester    
Baker Richard Somerset    
Balmayne Barry Staffs    
Barnes David Essex    
Barr Bill Gloucestershire    
Barry Don Twickenham    
Barry Dorn Middlesex    
Batchelor Neil Cromer    
Bayliss Robert Berkshire    
Beacom Graham London    
Beaumont C Westcliff on Sea    
Beck Jeremy Doncaster    
Beech M.E.T.A. Jeremy Kent    
Beeley John Kent    
Belton Brian London    
Bennett M.E.T.A. Ben Lincolnshire    
Berrisford Ken Lancashire    
Best Jeff London    
Beumont Colin Essex    
Bick Michael Hampshire    
Bignold Andrew London    
Birmingham James Malden    
Birtchnell Richard London    
Bodkin Harry Derby    
Boison Wilfred London    
Bond David Hertfordshire    
Bone M.E.T.A. Keith London & Essex    
Bonnard Raymond Wirrel    
Booth Tony Cheshire    
Borromeo M.E.T.A. Vincent Bedfordshire    
Borthwick John Birmingham    
Bowers Sheridan Berkshire    
Bowes Berty Leicester    
Boying Guy London    
Bradley M.E.T.A. Chris Essex & Hertfordshire    
Brooks Arnold Hertfordshire    
Brooks M.E.T.A. Mel Bristol & West    
Broughton Tom Kent    
Brown John Kent    
Brown Trevor Norfolk    
Brown Rhett Essex    
Brown Norman Lincolnshire    
Brown M.E.T.A. Malcolm   Retired  
Bryn Williams BEM Middlesex Retired  
Buckley Paul West Lothian    
Buckley Gerorge Dorset    
Buckley Patrick Scotland    
Bullock David Nnorfolk    
Burdett Frank Cheshire    
Burns Jack Essex    
Burridge Jane Surrey    
Burrows Peter Cheshire    
Burton Colin Worcestershire    
Calow Alan Lancashire    
Campbell Harry Lancashire    
Campion Paul London    
Cann Cliff Lancashire    
Capal Tracy Manchester    
Casson Paul Monmouthshire    
Cattermole Jim Kent    
Chaney Charles Kent    
Chislet Steve Dorset    
Choat Alan Cambridgeshire    
Churches M.E.T.A. John Essex Retired  
Civil Robert Northamptonshire    
Clarke Brian Lancashire    
Clarke Michael Lancashire    
Clough Brian East Sussex    
Cockayne Alan Northampton    
Colin Jones Hertfordshire    
Colin Roberts Bedfordshire    
Collings Deborah Hertfordshire    
Collins David Essex    
Collis Peter Berkshire    
Collison David Surrey    
Constable Trevor Surrey    
Cook Peter Cheshire    
Cooke John Cheshire    
Cornwall M.E.T.A. Geoffrey West Sussex    
Corris - Jones Gareth London    
Coventry John Lancashire    
Coventry John Merseyside    
Cox Sybil Newcastle    
Cox Brian Dorset    
Coxon John Yorkshire    
Coxon Alan Bromley    
Craft Peter Dorset    
Craig John Norfolk    
Creighton M.E.T.A. Patricia Surrey    
Crisp Ronald Dorset    
Culleton Mike Liverpool    
Crockett M.E.T.A . Brian West Midlands    
Cross Michael Kent    
Cunningham M.E.T.A. Leona London    
Curtis Chris London    
Daniels Eddie Dorset    
Daniels Edward Watford    
Davey Roger London    
Davies Sheila London    
Davies Dawn Isle of Wight    
Davies David Hertfordshire    
Davies Shawn Wales    
Davies Sheila London    
Dawson John Cumbria    
Dayus Hinch J Lichfield    
Deacon Paul Buckinghamshire    
Dellbridge Ken Essex    
Dempsey Paul Bedfordshire    
Denver Jeffery Middlesex    
Dorn Barry Middlesex    
Dorward Graham Middlesex    
Dowsett Stanley London    
Dowson Peter J Yorkshire    
Eagling Brian Essex    
Eardley Philip Stoke on Trent    
Edwards M.E.T.A. Chris Cambridgeshire    
Eggleton Steve West Sussex    
Elliott Patrick Ireland    
Elphick Anthony Warwickshire    
Elphick M.E.T.A. Mark Surrey    
Ewing Dereck Londonderry    
Fearn John Surrey    
Feeny Alan Scotland    
Fenech Michael Surrey    
Fenner Greg Thaxted    
Ferguson Neil Norfolk    
Fisk Stan London    
Fleetwood Les London    
Forward Tony Surrey    
Francois Brian Kent    
Freeman William Surrey    
Frost Peter London    
Frost Peter Middlesex    
Fry Bernard Halifax    
Funnell Nick Norfolk    
Gardner Philip Hampshire    
Gee Robert Surrey    
Gibson Rod Lancashire    
Gilbert Tony Kent    
Gill Eric R Wiltshire    
Gilden M.E.T.A. Barry USA    
Goodwin M.E.T.A. Kevin Lancashire Retired  
Gordon-Rae Nigel Hampshire    
Graham M.E.T.A. Joan Essex    
Grant Paul London    
Grant Glen Surrey    
Grant Nick London    
Greatbatch. Mark Hertfordshire    
Gregory M.E.T.A . Stephen Essex    
Green Anthony Luton    
Green Frank Manchester    
Green Simon Hertfordshire    
Green Fred Berkshire    
Greenan Brian Middlesex    
Griffiths David London    
Grosse John London    
Grosse Robert London    
Haining Gordan Kent    
Hall Susan Ipswich    
Hall Stephen Redhill    
Hanrahan Chris London    
Hare John London    
Harpham John Lancashire    
Harris Geoffery Leicestershire    
Harris Leslie Surrey    
Harrison John Berkshire    
Harrison Roger Saudi Arabia    
Harvey Brian Droitwich    
Harwood E Droitwich    
Hayes Patrick Scotland    
Hayes Philip Hertfordshire    
Hayes M.E.T.A. Adrian Essex Retired  
Headington Peter Waltham Cross    
Heard David Bromley    
Heeks Trevor Trowbridge    
Heijmer Ralph Surrey    
Henderson Robert Edinburgh    
Henderson Nicola Yorkshire    
Henderson Philip Edinburgh    
Hendman John Lancashire    
Heywood Richard Hertfordshire    
Higgs Alan Surrey    
Hill David Kent    
Hill Frances Kent    
Hizzett Les Doncaster    
Hodge Alan Northampton    
Hollands Dennis Kent    
Hollands Wesley V Kent    
Hollett Ken Cheshire    
Hollingsworth John Kent    
Holmes M.E.T.A. Roger Isle of Wight    
Holmes M.E.T.A. Tim Chester    
Hopkinson Frank Billingham    
Horton Kevin Essex    
Howard Robbins Essex    
Hudson FGPT George Essex    
Hughes M.E.T.A. Terry Dorset    
Hughes Terry Gloucestershire    
Humphries John Suffolk    
Hunt Neil Sussex    
Hunt Graham East Anglia    
Husband Eric Essex    
Hyde Peter Surrey    
Hyman Michael Derbyshire    
Jack Burns Essex    
Jacobs Mike Leicestershire    
James David Dorset    
Jardin M.E.T.A. Jim Wales    
Jeffrey Denver London    
Jevan Morris Middlesex    
Johansson Sue West Yorkshire    
Johnson M.E.T.A. Kevin North Yorkshire    
Jones Colin Hertfordshire    
Jones Ivor Sutton Coldfield    
Jones Nigel Worcestershire    
Jones Peter Middlesex    
Jones Eric Chester    
Joseph M.E.T.A. Carol London    
Judd Michael Hampshire    
Kellett Michael Yorkshire    
Kelly John Hertfordshire    
Kent Marc Sussex    
Keoghane Des Hertfordshire    
Kindon Malcolm Cheshire    
King Vanessa Surrey    
King Jeffery Kent    
Kinnersley Graham Yorkshire    
Knight James East Sussex    
Knight M.E.T.A. Roger Somerset    
Lamb Christopher Lancashire    
Lambert John Wedmore    
Langford M.E.T.A. Toby Hampshire    
Lark James Kent    
Lawerence Colin Cambridgeshire    
Lawler M.E.T.A. Nick Cumbria    
Lee Tim High Wycombe    
Lees David Derbyshire    
Lethaby Patrick London    
Lillie John Derby    
Lister David Jersey    
Llewelwyn Victor Norfolk    
Lloyd Robert Norfolk    
Long Glyn Hertfordshire    
Low Ian Kent    
Lucker David Kent    
Lynch Reuben Warwickshire    
MacLeod David Berkshire    
MacLeod Jim Bristol    
Maggs Barbara Bristol    
Mann M.E.T.A. Jeremy Berkshire    
Mann Steve Hampshire    
Manning Frank Spain    
Manson Morris Scotland    
Marriott Richard Lincolnshire    
Marshall M.E.T.A. George Hertfordshire    
Martin David Kent    
Marvelle Andrew Essex    
Marvelly Leonard Surrey    
Matthews Richard Cumbria    
Matthews Harry Essex    
May Peter Hove    
Mayes Glenn Essex    
Maynard Claire London    
Maynard Ron London    
McLeod James Stoke    
McCarraher M.E.T.A. James Hampshire    
McNicholls Terence Manchester    
McNulty Peter London    
McPherson Ian East Anglia    
McPherson Johnathan London    
McTigue Steve Stafford    
Michaels Alexander Hampshire    
Michieli Robert London & Jersey    
Mills David Essex    
Mitchell Paul Kent    
Moore Peter London Sadly passed away 20th December 2009  
Moore Richard H Bushey    
Morey Steve London    
Morgan Davis Lanzarote    
Morgan David Wales    
Morgan Andrew Essex    
Morrall Peter Northants    
Morris Jevan Middlesex    
Morton Andrew Cumbria    
Myatt Alan Glouscestershire    
Nascimento Joseph Kent    
Nash DC Essex    
Nelson John Essex    
Nendick Peter East Yorkshire    
Neyland David Hertfordshire    
Nicholls Alan Sandy    
Nicholls Allan Bedfordshire    
Nick Smith Surrey    
Norman M.E.T.A. Clive Norfolk & Bedfordshire    
Oakley John Kent    
Oatley Rodger Ipswich    
Oatley Rodger Suffolk    
O'Driscoll M.E.T.A. Pete Essex    
O'Hara Lyne Kent    
O'Hara Michael Kent    
O'Hara Michael Kent    
O'Higgins Pat London    
O'Neill Hugh Perthshire    
ORourke Michael Birmigham    
Orpen-Palmer M.E.T.A. Michael East Sussex    
Painter Keith Essex    
Pakes Brad West Midlands    
Palmer F.M.E.T A.  C.Inst.S.M.M. Richard Essex    
Palmer F.M.E.T.A. Linda Essex    
Parker Bob Hertfordshire    
Parker M.E.T.A. David Somerset    
Parker M.E.T.A. John Middlesex

Retired  Now will give talks about toastmastering

Parkes Jenny London    
Parry Tim St Albans    
Pascoe Nick Essex    
Paskin Angela Lancashire    
Paton Ian Cheshire    
Pearson David Middlesex    
Peek Alan Cyprus    
Peek Alan Norfolk    
Perkins Kevin Berkshire    
Persell Robert Essex    
Phelps M.E.T.A. Steve Wales    
Phillips George Lancashire    
Phillips T Grey Swansea    
Phillips Ruth Teddington    
Phillips John Wales    
Pinder David Rochdale    
Pilgrim Sandra Surrey    
Poole Chris Hampshire    
Porter Eric York    
Portman Brett Welling    
Powell Ashley London    
Powell Peter Cheshire    
Powell Robin London    
Pretty David Dorset    
Price Peter Dorset    
Prior Ted Essex    
Prior Ted Essex    
Pule Tony Kent    
Quarrie Andrew Yorkshire    
Quinton-Navarro M.E.T.A. John Hertfordshire    
Rainger F.M.E.T.A. Russell Suffolk    
Ramsden Michael Eastbourne    
Rance Tony Avon    
Read David Avon    
Reader Graham Cambridgeshire    
Reading Keith Hertfordshire    
Reddy Tom Nottinghamshire    
Rees Tyrone Wales    
Reeves Walter Hertfordshire    
Reid John Lancashire    
Reynolds Alan Essex    
Rhodes Gerry Suffolk    
Richard Heywood Hertfordshire    
Richards Christine Kent    
Richards Dickie London    
Richardson Ian Suffolk    
Riddick Alan Sussex    
Riley M.E.T.A. Neil Nottinghamshire    
Robbins M.E.T.A. Cheryl Ann Sussex    
Robbins Howard Essex    
Roberts Colin Bedfordshire    
Roberts Graham West Midlands    
Roberts Tony Wales    
Roscoe David Liverpool    
Rose Kenneth Kent    
Rose Lionel Middlesex    
Rothstein Ian Hertfordshire    
Round M.E.T.A. Roger London Middlesex Surrey    
Ruane David Lancashire    
Rudge Howard Lancashire    
Rumgay M.E.T.A. Lindsay Perthshire    
Russell Brian Cheshire    
Rutter Mervyn Essex    
Rutter Yvonne Essex    
Rutter Son of above Essex    
Sampson Graham Germany    
Sams Richard London    
Sanders Derek London    
Sanders Stephen Manchester    
Sanders Brian Hertfordshire    
Sandle M.E.T.A. Mike Suffolk    
Saward Vanessea London    
Sayer Stuart London    
Scales M.E.T.A. Brian Bristol    
Seeff Laurence Middlesex    
Settle Gordan Middlesex    
Shade John Sussex    
Sheldon William Lancashire    
Shelton Wayne Staffordshire    
Shine Dereck Middlesex    
Shorthouse Philip Kent    
Sievey Raymond Kent    
Simeon Lynch Reuben Warwickshire    
Simms Richard Newcastle    
Simon Green Hertfordshire    
Skingley Graham Suffolk Retired  
Skinner Tom Kent    
Slaughter Andrew Norfolk    
Smith Garry Bedfordshire    
Smith John Scotland    
Smith Nick Surrer    
Smith Terry Norfolk    
Smith Maurice Devon    
Smith Paul London    
Smith Bernard Majorca    
Smith Tony Essex    
Smith Trevor Kent    
Soloman Mike Sussex    
Spencer Ivor London Sadly passed away 10th January 2009  
Stanley David Surrey    
Sterland Joyce Leicester    
Stevens Anthony North Humberside    
Stockel M.E.T.A Allen Devon    
Stokes Anthony Kent    
Stone Robin Buckinghamshire    
Strang Billy Hampshire    
Strarkings Marion Great Yarmouth    
Sullivan MBE Bernard Kent    
Summers Terry Essex    
Surgeon Dennis London    
Sutherland Graham West Midlands    
Sweden Gloria Middlesex    
Sylvester Brian London    
Tappenden K E Rochester    
Thain Bernard Yorkshire    
Theobold Roy Kent    
Thomas Trevor Staffordshire    
Thomas Graham Swansea    
Thomas Chris Middlesex    
Thompson M.E.T.A. Krystyna Essex    
Thompson Peter Kent    
Thompson Roger Surrey    
Thomson David Dorset    
Thomson David Kent    
Thornton M.E.T.A. Ian Essex    
Thwaites Michael Surrey    
Tilley Arthur London    
Timony Peter London    
Timms M.E.T.A. Roy Oxfordshire    
Tony Forward Surrey    
Tootell M.B.E Ian Lancashire    
Tovell Gerry Essex    
Tredgett Paul Middlesex    
Tucker Paul Middlesex    
Twigge Malcholm Hampshire    
Twigge Robin Norfolk    
Tyres Walter Lancashire    
Tyzack Roy Essex    
Underwood Mike Devon    
Underwood Robin Norfolk    
Unsworth M.E.T.A. Roger Wiltshire    
Upham Karen Warrington    
Upman Christopher Warrington    
Usher John Hertfordshire    
Vanessa Saward London    
Verran Gordan Kent    
Vincent Peter Cheshire    
Waite Michael Middlesex    
Wake M.E.T.A. Peter Buckinghamshire    
Walford Bill Avon    
Wall Michael Yorkshire    
Wall Denis Middlesex    
Wallis Jamie Hertfordshire    
Warman Roy Kent    
Warwick Steven Kent    
Water Kim Surrey    
Waterman Jonathan Essex    
Watkins Helen Cumbria    
Watson Lesley Kent    
Watson Steven South West    
Watt Michael Devon    
Watt Don Suffolk    
Watt Chris Norwich    
Watts David Norfolk    
Webb Chris Essex    
Weedon Ray Dorset    
Wells Edmond Norfolk    
Wells Brian      
Welton John Knutsford    
Wesley V Hollands Kent    
West M.E.T.A. Andrew Dorset    
West Peter Buckinghamshire    
Westecott Bob Norfolk    
Wharton David East Anglia    
White Robert Gravesend    
Whitehead M. E. T. A. Colin Essex    
Whitehead CMD Peter Gravesend    
Whitehead Peter South Yorkshire    
Whitfield Roger Wales    
Whyte Christopher Suffolk    
Wilce Timothy Essex    
Wilding M.E.T.A. Mark Wiltshire    
Wilkes Graham Stoke on Trent    
Wilkinson Christopher Somerset    
Willard Jones Frederick Northwich    
Williams Don Suffolk    
Williams Bryn Middlesex    
Williams Jane Essex    
Williams Steven Suffolk    
Wilson Ron Kent    
Wilson Shirley West Midlands    
Wilson Alex Lincolnshire    
Wilson John Essex    
Wolvers Eric Netherlands    
Wood Graham Cheshire    
Woods Hon. Life F.M.E.T.A. Chris Suffolk    
Woods Paul Essex    
Workman Larry Berkshire    
Wright Dennis Loughborough    
Wright Brian Essex    
Wroe M.E.T.A. Geoffrey Essex    
Wroe Brian Manchester    
Wylie David Kent    
Wyne Steve Suffolk    
Wyner Johnathan Essex    
Wynne Martin Norfolk    
Yarrow John Kent    
York Peter Hampshire    
Zeff Melvyn UK    



At the English toastmasters Association we have toastmasters operating in all areas of the country and many are available for work word wide. Toastmaster for East Sussex - Toastmaster for West Sussex - Toastmaster for Brighton - Toastmaster for Eastbourne - Toastmaster for Hastings - Tostmaster for Crawley - Toastmaster for Gatwick - Toastmaster for West End of London - Toastmaster for City of London - Toastmaster for Kent - Toastmaster for Tunbridge Wells - Toastmaster for Folkestone - Toastmaster for Surrey - Toastmaster for Hampshire - Toastmaster for Portsmouth - Toastmster for Southampton - Toastmaster for Dorset -  Toastmaster for Bournemouth - Toastmaster for Essex - Toastmaster for Colchester, Toastmaster for Chelmsford - Toastmaster for Southend on Sea - Toastmaster for Hertfordshire - Toastmaster for Cambridgeshire - Toastmaster for Cambridge - Toastmaster for Bedfordshire - Toastmaster for Berkshire - Toastmaster for Buckinghamshire -Toastmaster for Oxfordshire - Toastmaster for Oxford


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