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If you are organising an event for your business that requires that special little extra touch, then why not consider having a corporate toastmaster from the English Toastmasters Association. We have the quality corporate toastmasters that you are looking for. All our members are highly trained and fully skilled in the art of being a toastmaster and each one takes their responsibility to you, of first class client care and service, very seriously.

The English Toastmasters Association has implemented a code of ethics, which all of our corporate toastmasters follow with due diligence. We have done this because we feel that within our profession, other organisations do not seem to state what their minimum standard are. In the main, they have no documentation for guidance or a written Standard Working Practices document for their members to adhere to.

Due to our passion for our work as toastmasters we believe that by having a written set of standards, we will make a huge difference to you. We all care about the standards of service that we offer and work to and our guidelines are important as your guarentee of quality service. The English Toastmasters Association have brought our profession into line with the current day demands for higher quality service levels and we strive to provide top quality services that we are proud of and also feel our clients would expect from a modern day toastmaster.

Our members, when acting as your corporate toastmaster, will help your day run smoothly, by not only making your announcements but by helping in any ways that we can. We will be pleased to meet your guests upon arrival at your venue and make sure that your event goes smoothly. We will endeavour to stick to any given schedule of times that may be allocated to to your programme of events. We would like to work in the way and syle that suits you.

We are a professional organisation that was established to bring a higher level of service and an up to date feel to our profession. We are justly proud of the quality of our work and the testimonials that we receive from our clients. Our goal is always to ensure that you have the day and event that you want, and we will strive to exceed your expectations on every occasion.

If you have any questions that need answering about why a corporate toastmaster will make the difference for your event, then please call us today, our friendly staff are always on hand to give advice and answer any questions you may have.

For fast help and advice please call 07971 409977 or 01245 222392 at any time








  Englisg toastmaster Richard Palmer assisting Essex wedding photographer outside The Manor of Groves, Hertfordshire











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