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Have you considered about having a professional toastmaster at your upcoming event? Here at the English Toastmasters Association, we have a large number of highly trained individuals who all participate as a professional toastmaster. This website is dedicated in bringing you the best available toastmasters in the industry today, and you can rest assured that all our toastmasters are fully focused and highly trained in the business. There commitment towards you and providing a great service is unparrelled.

All our members pride themselves on ensuring that your day goes exactly as planned, we are there to serve you and we know just how important your wedding or function is to you and this is why we take every care in ensuring that your dreams are fulfilled and the day passes with great success.

Every professional toastmaster on our list believes that our organization The English Toastmasters Association® is the one that possesses the most client orientated and focus of all those in the industry today. We are an extremely professional toastmaster organization that understands our clients needs are paramount in making their event a huge success. There are many ways in which we differ from other associations and organisations in our industry that represent the professional toastmaster and not just do we focus on the clients needs, we understand that in order to aid our professionalism is that alcohol does not mix with a professional outlook and this is a strict rule within our code of ethics for all our toastmasters. Therefore you can be guaranteed of receiving a great service that not only meets but exceeds you expectations.

If you would like any further information about any of our toastmasters or what we can do for you upcoming event or function, then please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help answer any questions you may have.








  Englisg toastmaster Richard Palmer assisting Essex wedding photographer outside The Manor of Groves, Hertfordshire











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