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Here at The English Toastmasters Association, we have a large number of members that have all had extensive training in becoming professional toastmasters. The English Toastmasters Association was born from the frustrations of Richard Palmer, after working as one of many professional toastmasters for many years, found that there was no common ground amongst those working in the industry, and although some of the toastmasters were very good, others did not seem to represent the industry to the high standards that Richard prides himself on.

It was due to this motion that Richard decided to join a guild of professional toastmasters with the intension to help train and demonstrate his passion and ideas for the industry. Sadly Richard felt that the training and services being given, again did not match those of his very high standards and they were being presented in a less personable manor than those of which Richard feels his clients would wish to receive.

Upon further investigation, Richard discovered that there were no qualifications or standards offered by organizations representing professional toastmasters and more importantly that the was no code of practice or code of ethics set out for professional toastmasters to follow. One big concern for Richard was that some organisations allowed their members to consume alcohol whilst working, this is something we believe here at The English Toastmasters Association is not something that represents professional toastmasters.

The English Toastmasters Association is now the fastest growing, quality association for toastmasters within the United Kingdom and has a clear and set vision to raise the value and quality of services that toastmasters offer to their clients.

If you have any questions you would like to ask us regarding toastmasters or the level of service we provide for you, then please contact us as we are always happy to help any questions.




  Englisg toastmaster Richard Palmer assisting Essex wedding photographer outside The Manor of Groves, Hertfordshire











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