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Nick lives in Cockermouth, Cumbria and runs the Winder Hall Country House Hotel in the midst of the Lake District. Whether you are having a wedding or function of any type at the Hotel or anywhere else, Nick will be delighted to make sure that you get the day of your dreams. He is passionate about quality service and looking after his clients, so you can be assured of getting very special attention.


A Recent Testimonial.......

Mark & Emma 10th April 2010 - Winder Hall

Wedding Toastmaster in Cumbria


“I had the pleasure of working with Nick at this home village of Lorton in Cumbria  at the wedding of Emma and Mark – Nick who is also the owner of Winder Hall, was superb throughout the day – remembering his training – when Emma was in desperate need for a drink of water before the ceremony Nick came to her rescue at a run.”

Dave Court



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Cumbria Approved wedding Venues by Register Offices (Shown in bold)

Barrow Register Office

Abbey House Hotel
01229 838282
Barrow-in-Furness Town Hall
01229 820000
Chequers Hotel & Restaurant
01229 462124
Clarence House Country Hotel
01229 462508
Lisdoonie Hotel
01229 827312
The Princess Selandia
01229 835449
Victoria Park Hotel
01229 821159

Carlisle Register Office

Carlisle Racecourse
01228 522973
Crosby Lodge Country House
Hotel and Restaurant
01228 573618
Cumbria Park Hotel
01228 522887
Dalston Hall Hotel
01228 710271
Morton Manor Community Centre
01228 625383
Naworth Castle
01697 73229
Swallow Hilltop Hotel
01228 529255
The Crown Hotel
01228 561888
The Crown & Mitre Hotel
01228 525491
The Lakes Court Hotel
01228 531951
The Pinegrove Hotel
01228 524828
Tullie House Museum
& Art Gallery
01228 534781
Willowbeck Lodge
01228 513607

Cockermouth Register Office

Armathwaite Hall Hotel
017687 76551
Broughton Craggs Hotel
01900 824400
Borrowdale Gates Hotel
017687 77204
Castle Inn Hotel
017687 76401
Dale Head Hall Lakeside Hotel
017687 72478
Ellenbank Hotel
01900 815233
Keswick Country House Hotel
017687 72020
Kings Head Hotel
017687 72393
Lodore Falls Hotel
017687 77285
Melbreak Hotel
01900 61443
Skiddaw Hotel
017687 72071
The Helena Thompson Museum
01900 64040
The Hunday Manor Hotel
01900 61798
The Scafell Hotel
017687 77208
The Trout Hotel
01900 823591
Washington Central Hotel
01900 65772
Winder Hall Country House
01900 85107

Kendal Register Office

Briery Wood Hotel
015394 33316
Broadoaks Country House Hotel
015394 45566
The Castle Green Hotel
01539 734000
Cragwood Country House Hotel
015394 88177
Dale Lodge Hotel
015394 35300
Dallam Tower (stately home)
015395 63368
Damson Dene Hotel
015395 68676
The Famous Wild Boar
015394 45225
Fayrer Garden House Hotel
015394 88195
Heaves Hotel
015395 60396
Holbeck Ghyll Country House Hotel
015394 32375
Langdale Chase Hotel
015394 32201
Langdale Hotel & Country Club
015394 37302
Low Wood Hotel
015394 33338
Merewood Country
015394 46484
Miller Howe Hotel
015394 42536
Stonecross Manor
01539 733559
Storrs Hall Hotel
015394 47111
The Belsfield Hotel
015394 42448
The Punch Bowl
015395 68237
The Riverside Hotel
01539 734861
The Samling
015394 31922
The Windermere
015394 44455
The Wordsworth
015394 35592
The Swan Hotel
0800 400 8132
Waterside Hotel
015394 35666

Millom Register Office

The Clock Tower
01229 777900
Windrush Barn
01229 772849

Penrith Register Office

Appleby Manor
017684 51571
Augill Castle
017683 41937
Bank House (at Sharrow Bay)
017684 86301
Bracken Bank Lodge
01768 898241
Clifton Hill Hotel
01768 862717
Edenhall Country House
01768 881454
The George Hotel
01768 862696
Glenridding Hotel
017684 82228
Greystoke Castle
017684 83722
Inn On The Lake
017684 82444
Leeming House Hotel
0844 8799142
Lovelady Shield
01434 381203
Marton House
017683 61502
Nent Hall Country House Hotel
01434 381584
North Lakes Hotel and Spa
01768 868111
Rampsbeck Country House Hotel
01768 486442
01768 868000
Roundthorn Country House
01768 863952
Shap Wells Hotel
01931 716628
Sharrow Bay
017684 86483
Temple Sowerby House Hotel
017683 61578
Tufton Arms Hotel
017683 51593
Westmorland Hotel
015396 24351

Ulverston Register Office

Beech Hill Hotel
015394 42137
015394 41396
Cartmel Park Racecourse
015395 58313/4
Grange Hotel
015395 33666
Graythwaite Manor Hotel
015395 32001
Lakeside Hotel
015395 30001
Lonsdale House Hotel
01229 582598
Newby Bridge Hotel
015395 31222
The Coot on the Tarn Restaurant
01229 586264
The Knoll Country House
015395 31347
The Netherwood Hotel
015395 32552
The Swan Hotel at
Newby Bridge
015395 31681
The Waterhead Hotel
015394 41244
The Whitewater Hotel
015395 31133
Windermere Motor Boat
Racing Club
015394 43284

Whitehaven Register Office

Bower House Inn
019467 23244
The Bridge Inn
019467 26221
Ennerdale Country House Hotel
01946 813907
Low Wood Hall Hotel
019467 26100
Moresby Hall Hotel
01946 696317
Muncaster Castle
01229 717614
Outward Bound Trust
01946 723281
The Calder House Hotel
019467 28538
The Grove Court Hotel
01946 810503
Taylor’s Blackbeck Inn
01946 841661
Wasdale Hall
019467 26222
White Mare Country House Hotel
01946 841246

Wigton Register Office

Greenhill Hotel
016973 43304

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Abbey, Abbey Cowper, Abbey House, Abbey Stanger, Abbey Town, Abbots Reading, Abbotsmead, Abbotswood, Above Derwent, Ackenthwaite, Adgarley (Stainton With Adgarl, Aglionby, Aiketgate, Aikhead, Aikshaw, Aikton, Ainstable, Aisgill, Albyfield, Aldingham, Aldoth, Allenwood, Allhallows, Allonby, Alston, Alston Moor, Amberfield, Ambleside, Ameshaugh, Angerton, Annaside, Annie Pit, Anthorn, Appleby in Westmorland, Appleby-in-Westmorland, Applethwaite, Arkleby, Arlecdon and Frizington, Armaside, Armathwaite, Armboth, Arnaby, Arnside, Arrad Foot, Arrowthwaite, Arthuret, Artlegarth, Asby, Ashes, Ashgillside, Ashness, Askam and Ireleth, Askam-in-Furness, Askerton, Askham, Aspatria, Aughertree, Auldby, Austhwaite Brow, Aynsome, Ayside, Backbarrow, Baggrow, Bailey, Baileyhead, Baldwinholme, Bampton, Bampton Grange, Bandrake Head, Bank End, Bank Moor, Bank Top, Bankend, Bankhead, Banks, Bannisdale Head, Barber Green, Barbon, Barclose, Bardsea, Barepot, Barfield, Barfs, Barkbeth, Barkhouse, Baronwood, 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Brow, Buckabank, Bullgill, Burgh by Sands, Burgh Head, Burn Banks, Burneside, Burney End, Burnfoot, Burnhill, Burnrigg, Burns, Burrells, Burtholme, Burthwaite, Burton, Burton-in-Kendal, Busk, Buttermere, Butterwick, Butts, Cairnbridge, Caldbeck, Calder, Calder Hall, Calderbridge, Caldewgate, Calebrack, Calgarth, Calthwaite, Calva, Calvo, Cambeck Bridge, Camerton, Canal Foot, Cardew, Cardewlees, Cardurnock, Cargo, Cark, Carlatton, Carleton, Carlingill, Carlisle, Carlton, Carr Bank, Carr Kettle, Cart Lane, Cartmel, Cartmel Fell, Carwinley, Casterton, Castle Carrock, Castle Croft, Castle Sowerby, Castlethwaite, Castletown, Cat Bank, Catlands Hill, Catlowdy, Catterlen, Causeway End, Causewayhead, Cautley, Celleron, Chalkfoot, Chapel, Chapel Brow, Chapel Stile, Chapelburn, Chapels, Chapeltown, Chertsey Hill, Chestnut Hill, Church Brough, Church Hill, Church Town, Cinder Hill, Claife, Clappersgate, Clawthorpe, Cleabarrow, Cleator, Cleator Moor, Cliburn, Clickham, Clifton, Clifton Dykes, 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Dendron, Dent, Denton Holme, Derwent Bay, Distington, Docker, Dockray, Doddick, Dove Ford, Dovenby, Dowbiggin, Down Hall, Dowthwaitehead, Dragley Beck, Drigg, Drigg and Carleton, Drumburgh, Drumleaning, Drybeck, Dryburn, Dubbs, Dubwath, Duddon Bridge, Duddon Grains, Dufton, Dundraw, Dungeon Ghyll, Dunnerdale-With-Seathwaite, Durdar, Durran Hill, Dykesfield, Eaglesfield, Eamont, Easby, East Brownrigg, East Causewayhead, East Curthwaite, East End, Eastend, Easthwaite, Easton, Edderside, Eden Mount, Edenhall, Edentown, Egremont, Egton With Newland, Elfhowe, Ellenborough, Ellerbank, Ellergill, Ellergreen, Ellerigg, Ellers, Ellonby, Elterwater, Embleton, Endmoor, Englishtown, Ennerdale and Kinniside, Ennerdale Bridge, Ennim, Eskdale, Eskdale Green, Eskett, Eskrigg End, Esthwaite, Etterby, Eveninghill, Ewanrigg, Fair Hill, Far Arnside, Far End, Far Orrest, Far Sawrey, Farlam, Farleton, Farthwaite, Faugh, Faulds, Fawcett Forest, Fell Dyke, Fell Foot, Fell Side, Fellgarth, Fellside, Fenton, Fenton Estate, Fiddler Street, Field Broughton, Fieldhead, Fingland, Finsthwaite, Firbank, Flakebridge, Flat, Flatts, Fleetholme, Fletchertown, Flimby, Flitholme, Flookburgh, Floriston, Flusco, Force Forge, Forest Head, Forest Hill, Fornside, Fothergill, Foulbridge, Four Lane Ends, Foxfield, Foxley Henning, Frizington, Frost Row, Furness Abbey, Gairs, Gaisgill, Gaitle Bridge, Galemire, Galleywreay, Gamblesby, Gamelsby, Garden Village, Garlands, Garnett Bridge, Garrigill, Garsdale, Garsdale Head, Garshill, Garth Head, Garth Row, Garths, Gascow, Gate Side, Gatebeck, Gatefoot, Gatehead, Gatesgarth, Gatesgill, Gawith Field, Gawthrop, Gawthwaite, Geltsdale, Gilcrux, Gill, Gill Head, Gillfoot, Gillgarran, Gilsland, Gilts, Ginns, Glasson, Glassonby, Glassonbybeck, Gleaston, Glen, Glencoyne, Glenridding, Goadsbarrow, Goat, Goodyhills, Goose Green, Goosegreen, Gosforth, Grange, Grange Fell, Grange-over-Sands, Grasmere, Grassgarth, Grasslot, Grayrigg, Grayson Green, Graythwaite, Great Asby, Great Blencow, Great Broughton, Great Clifton, Great Corby, Great Crosthwaite, Great Easby, Great Musgrave, Great Ormside, Great Orton, Great Salkeld, Great Strickland, Great Urswick, Greaves, Green, Green Bank, Green Lane, Green Quarter, Greenbank, Greencastle, Greenends, Greengill, Greenhead, Greenhill, Greenholme, Greenodd, Greenrigg, Greenriggs, Greenrow, Greenside, Greenspot, Greenwell, Greety Gate, Greta Hamlet, Gretna Junction, Greymoorhill, Greysouthen, Greystoke, Greystone, Grigghall, Grinsdale, Grisdale, Grizebeck, Grizedale, Guardhouse, Guards, Gullom Holme, Gutterby, Hackthorpe, Hagg End, Hagget End, Haile, Hailforth, Hale, Halfpenny, Hall Burn, Hall Carleton, Hall Dunnerdale, Hall Foss, Hall Green, Hall Santon, Hall Waberthwaite, Hallbank, Hallbankgate, Hallbeck, Hallow Bank, Halls Mead, Hallsenna, Hallthwaites, Haltcliff, Haltcliff Bridge, Hampsfield, Hanging Lund, Hannakin, Hardcake, Hardendale, Hardest, Hardingill, Hare Hill, Haresceugh, Harker, Harker Marsh, Harprigg, Harraby, Harraby Green, Harras Moor, Harrington, Harriston, Hartley, Hartsop, Hassness, Haverbrack, Haverigg, Haverthwaite, Hawcoat, Hawkrigg, Hawksdale, Hawkshead, Hawkshead Hill, Haws Bank, Hawse End, Hawthwaite, Hayton, Hayton and Mealo, Hazel Head, Hazelgill, Hazelrigg, Hazelslack, Head Crag, Heads Nook, Heaning, Heathwaite, Hegdale, Heggerscales, Heggle Lane, Heights, Helbeck, Helm, Helsington, Helsington Laithes, Helton, Heltondale, Hensingham, Heron Hill, Hesket, Hesket Newmarket, Hetherbank, Hethersgill, Hetherside, Heversham, Hewerhill, High, High Bankhill, High Biggins, High Borrans, High Braithwaite, High Casterton, High Common, High Crosby, High Cummersdale, High Cunsey, High Dale Park, High Dyke, High Eskholme, High Green, High Harrington, High Hesket, High Hill, High Ireby, High Kiskin, High Knipe, High Latterhead, High Longthwaite, High Lowca, High Mill, High Newton, High Northsceugh, High Oaks, High Padstow, High Pow, High Row, High Scales, High Seaton, High Side, High Skelgill, High Sparrowmire, High Wray, High Wreay, Highbridge, Highfield, Highlaws, Highmoat, Highmoor, Hill, Hill Park, Hill Top, Hilton, Hincaster, Hinning House, Hoathwaite, Hodbarrow, Hodge Close, Hodgson How, Hodgsons Green, Hoff, Holborn Hill, Hole, Hollins, Holly Bush, Holme, Holme Abbey, Holme Bank, Holme East Waver, Holme Ground, Holme Head, Holme Island, Holme Low, Holme St Cuthbert, Holmes Green, Holmrook, Holmsfoot, Holmwrangle, Holywell, Home, Hopebeck, Hornsby, Horrockwood, Hoses, Hoskethill, Houghton, Housenrigg, How, How Mill, Howbeck, Howe, Howes, Howgate, Howgill, Howhill, Howrigg, Howriggbank, Howton, Hubbersty Head, Hudgill, Hugill, Hunsonby, Hurst, Hutton, Hutton End, Hutton in the Forest, Hutton John, Hutton Roof, Hutton Row, Hutton Soil, Hycemoor, Hycemoor Side, Hyton, Ing Ends, Inglewood, Ings, Ingwell, Inmans, Intake, Ireby and Uldale, Ireleth, Irthington, Irton Road, Irton With Santon, Isel, Isel Old Park, Isle of Walney, Ivegill, Ivy Hill, Jerriestown, Johnby, Justicetown, Kaber, Kayshouseburn, Kearstwick, Keekle, Keisley, Kelbarrow, Keld, Kelleth, Kells, Kelsick, Kendal, Kentmere, Kentrigg, Kents Bank, Kershopefoot, Keswick, Keyhow, Killington, Kilner Park, Kilnhill, Kingfield, Kingmoor, Kings Meaburn, Kingside Hill, Kingstown, Kingwater, Kinkry Hill, Kirkandrews, Kirkandrews Middle, Kirkandrews Moat, Kirkandrews Nether, Kirkandrews upon Eden, Kirkbampton, Kirkbride, Kirkby in Furness, Kirkby Ireleth, Kirkby Lonsdale, Kirkby Stephen, Kirkby Thore, Kirkcambeck, Kirkgate, Kirkhouse, Kirkland, Kirkland Guards, Kirklinton, Kirklinton Middle, Kirkoswald, Kirksanton, Kitchen Hill, Knapperthaw, Knipe, Knock, Knotts, Knowefield, Lady Hall, Laithes, Lakes, Lakeside, Lambfoot, Lambley Bank, Lambrigg, Lamonby, Lamplugh, Lane End, Lane Head, Lanefoot, Lanercost, Langdale, Langrigg, Langton, Langwathby, Lanthwaite, Laversdale, Laythes, Lazonby, Leadgate, Leasgill, Leece, Lees Hill, Legburthwaite, Lessonhall, Levens, Liddell Common, Lightburn Park, Limekiln Nook, Lindal and Marton, Lindal-in-Furness, Lindale, Lindeth, Linefoot, Ling Side, Lingholm, Lingyclose Head, Linstock, Liscow, Little Arrow, Little Asby, Little Bampton, Little Bayton, Little Blencow, Little Broughton, Little Clifton, Little Corby, Little Crosthwaite, Little Dockray, Little Langdale, Little Mill, Little Musgrave, Little Ormside, Little Orton, Little Salkeld, Little Strickland, Little Town, Little Urswick, Littlebeck, Loaninghead, Lockhills, Long Marton, Longburgh, Longcroft, Longdales, Longhowe End, Longlands, Longpark, Longrigg, Longrigg Common, Longsleddale, Longsowerby, Longthwaite, Longtown, Loppergarth, Lordstown, Lorton, Loughrigg, Low Ben Cragg, Low Bowbank, Low Braithwaite, Low Brigham, Low Common, Low Cotehill, Low Crosby, Low Cummersdale, Low Dyke, Low Eskholme, Low Gill, Low Hallburn, Low Hartsop, Low Hesket, Low Ireby, Low Kinmont, Low Knipe, Low Longthwaite, Low Midgeholme, Low Mill, Low Northsceugh, Low Padstow, Low Plains, Low Rogerscale, Low Row, Low Scales, Low Wood, Low Wray, Lowca, Lower Allithwaite, Lower Holker, Loweswater, Lowfields, Lowick, Lowick Green, Lowside Quarter, Lowther, Ludder Burn, Lupton, Lyneholme Ford, Maidenhill, Mallerstang, Mallsburn, Mansergh, Mansriggs, Market Brough, Marsh Side Cottages, Marthwaite, Martindale, Marton, Maryport, Matterdale, Matterdale End, Maughonby, Maulds Meaburn, Mawbray, Meal Bank, Mealrigg, Mealsgate, Meathop and Ulpha, Melkinthorpe, Mellguards, Melmerby, Micklethwaite, Middle Sparrowmire, Middlesceugh, Middleshaw, Middleton, Middleton Place, Middletown, Midgeholme, Milburn, Milburn Grange, Mill Brow, Mill Holme, Mill Side, Millans Park, Millbeck, Millbeck Stock, Millhill, Millholme, Millhouse, Millness, Millom, Millom Without, Millthrop, Milltown, Milnthorpe, Milton, Mines, Mintsfeet, Mirehouse, Moat, Moat Common, Mockerkin, Monkhill, Monkscroft, Monkwray, Moor Row, Moorend, Moorhouse, Moorland Close, Moorside, Moorthwaite, Moorville, Moresby, Moresby Parks, Morland, Mortarpits, Morton, Mosedale, Moss Bay, Moss Edge, Moss Side, Mossband, Mosser, Mosser Mains, Motherby, Mount, Mount Pleasant, Much Urswick, Muncaster, Mungrisdale, Murrah, Murthwaite, Murthwaite Green, Murton, Musgrave, Narthwaite, Nateby, Natland, Naworth, Nealhouse, Near Sawrey, Near Thwaites, Nenthall, Nenthead, Nentsberry, Nepgill, Nether Denton, Nether Newton, Nether Row, Nether Staveley, Nether Wasdale, Nether Welton, Netherby, Netherhall, Netherhouses, Netherton, Nethertown, Nettleslack, New Cowper, New House, New Hutton, New Mawbray, New Mill, New Rent, New Yard, Newbarns, Newbiggin, Newbiggin on Lune, Newby, Newby Bridge, Newby West, Newfield, Newlands, Newton, Newton Arlosh, Newton-in-Cartmel, Newtown, Newtown of Rockcliffe, Newtown Reigny, Nibthwaite, Nicholforest, Noblestown, Nook, North Dykes, North End, North Lonsdale Road, North Row, North Scale, North Side, North Stainmore, Nunclose, Oak Bank, Oakbank, Oakshaw Ford, Oddendale, Old Brathay, Old Carlisle, Old Hutton, Old Hutton and Holmescales, Old Hyton, Old Mawbray, Old Scale, Old Tebay, Old Town, Oldwall, Ormathwaite, Ormsgill, Ormside, Orthwaite, Orton, Orton Rigg, Osmotherley, Oubas Hill, Oughterby, Oughterside and Allerby, Oulton, Ousby, Outcast, Outgate, Outhgill, Over Staveley, Overby, Overend, Oxen Fell, Oxenholme, Oxenpark, Oxenthwaite, Palacehow, Papcastle, Paradise, Parcelstown, Pardshaw, Parhambeck, Park, Park End, Park Gate, Parkbroom, Parkend, Parkgate, Parkhead, Parsonby, Parton, Parton Brow, Patterdale, Pecklewell, Peel Island, Pelutho, Pennington, Pennybridge, Penrith, Penruddock, Penthouse End, Penton, Petteril Bank, Petteril Green, Pica, Piel, Piperstile, Plantation Bridge, Ploughlands, Plumbland, Plumgarths, Plump, Plumpton, Plumpton Foot, Plumpton Head, Plumpton Wall, Ponsonby, Pool Bank, Pooley Bridge, Port Carlisle, Portinscale, Pouthowe, Pow, Powhill, Preston Patrick, Preston Richard, Preston Street, Printfield, Prior Rigg, Prospect, Pull Woods, Quality Corner, Raby, Raisbeck, Raise, Raisthwaite, Rake Head, Rakefoot, Rallies, Rampside, Randalinton, Rannerdale, Ratten Row, Raughton, Raughtonhead, Raven Hill, Raven Nook, Ravenglass, Ravenstonedale, Ravenstown, Rayne, Reagill, Red Dial, Redhills, Redmain, Redsike, Renwick, Reston, Ribton, Rickerby, Rickergate, Riddings, Rigg, Riggs, Risehow, Roa Island, Roachburn, Roadhead, Roanhead, Roansgreen, Roanstrees, Rockcliffe, Rockcliffe (Newtown of Rockcli, Roger Ground, Rookby, Roose, Roosebeck, Roosecote, Roosegate, Rosewain, Rosgill, Rosley, Rosside (Rosshead, Rosthwaite, Rothay, Rothersyke, Rottington, Roundthwaite, Routenbeck, Row, Row Brow, Rowell, Roweltown, Rowrah, Ruckcroft, Ruthwaite, Rydal, Rye Hill, Sadgill, Salkeld Dykes, Salkeld Gate, Salt Cotes, Salta, Saltcoats, Salter, Salterbeck, Salthouse, Sandale, Sandford, Sandgates, Sandhall, Sands, Sandscale, Sandside, Sandwick, Sandwith, Sandwith Newtown, Sandy Sykes, Santon Bridge, Sarkbank, Satterthwaite, Scale, Scaleby, Scaleby Hill, Scalegill, Scalehouses, Scales, Scalesceugh, Scalthwaiterigg, Scargreen, Scarness, Scarr Head, Scarrowhill, Scarrowmanwick, Scathwaite, Scatterbeck, Scenery Hill, Sceuchdykes, Schoose, Scilly Bank, Scotby, Scotsdike, Scout Green, Scruggate, Scurgill, Seacliff, Seascale, Seathwaite, Seatle, Seatoller, Seaton, Seaville, Sebergham, Sedbergh, Sedgwick, Sellafield, Setmurthy, Settlebeck, Shaddongate, Shankhill, Shap, Shap Rural, Sharrow Bay, Shatton, Shaw End, Sheernest, Shire, Shopford, Shoregill, Siddick, Sidehead, Sikebeck, Silecroft, Sill Field, Silloth-on-Solway, Simpson Ground, Sir Johns Mine, Skelling, Skelsmergh, Skelton, Skelton Wood End, Skelwith, Skelwith Bridge, Skettlegill, Skiddaw, Skiddaw Forest, Skinburness, Skiprigg, Skirsgill, Skirsgill Park, Skirwith, Skitby, Skydes, Slack, Slack Head, Sleagill, Sleetbeck, Slip Inn, Smaithwaite, Smardale, Smithfield, Sockbridge and Tirril, Solport, Solway Estate, Soolbank, Soulby, Soutergate, Soutermoor, South Dykes, South End, South Stainmore, South Ulverston, Southerfell, Southerfield, Southernby, Southwaite, Sowerby Row, Spark Bridge, Sparket, Spring Gardens, Sprunston, St Bees, St Bridget Beckermet, St Cuthbert Without, St Cuthberts, St Helens, St John Beckermet, St John in the Vale, St Johns, St Johns Castlerigg and Wythb, St Johns Castlerigg and Wythbu, St Michael, St Mungos Park, Staffield, Stainburn, Stainmore, Stainton, Stainton With Adgarley, Stair, Stanah, Standingstone, Stanger, Stangerthwaite, Stank, Stanwix, Stanwix Rural, Stapleton, Starth Hill, Station Hill, Staveley-in-Cartmel, Steel End, Steel Green, Steelgate, Stenkrith, Stennerley, Stennerskeugh, Stockbridge, Stockdale, Stockdalewath, Stockshill, Stone House, Stone Raise, Stonegarthside, Stoneknowe, Stonethwaite, Stony Holme, Storrs, Storth, Stott Park, Strands, Street, Strickland Hill, Strickland Ketel, Strickland Roger, Stripes, Stuarthill, Studholme, Summerlands, Sunbiggin, Sunbrick, Sunderland, Sunny Bank, Sunnyside, Swallowhurst, Swarthmoor, Swindale, Swinegate, Swinklebank, Swinside, Swinsty, Talkin, Tallentire, Tarn Close, Tarn Green, Tarns, Tarnside, Tarraby, Tebay, Temon, Templand, Temple Sowerby, Thackthwaite, The Arches, The Ferry, The Gardens, The Green, The Headlands, The Heads, The Hill, The Lots, The Lound, The Moor, The Nook, The Raffles, The Slack, Thethwaite, Thiefside, Thirlmere, Thomas Close, Thornby, Thorney Moor, Thornhill, Thornship, Thornthwaite, Thorpe, Three Bridges, Three Horse Shoes, Threlkeld, Thrimby, Thursby, Thurstonfield, Thurstonville, Thwaite Flat, Thwaite Head, Thwaites Fell, Thwaiteville, Tilberthwaite, Tindale, Toddell, Todhills, Todholes, Torpenhow, Torver, Tottlebank, Towcett, Tower Wood, Town Bank, Town End, Town Gate, Town Head, Townfoot, Townhead, Tracentree, Tranmoor, Trinkeld, Trough, Troutbeck, Troutbeck Bridge, Tullythwaite, Tummerhill, Tynehead, Ulcat Row, Uldale, Ullermire, Ullock, Ullswater, Ulpha, Ulverston, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield, Underscar, Underskiddaw, Unthank, Unthank End, Upper Allithwaite, Upper Denton, Upperby, Uppertown, Upton, Urswick, Vickerstown, Viver, Waberthwaite, Waitby, Walby, Wall End, Wallhead, Wallthwaite, Walthwaite, Walton, Wampool, Warcop, Warwick, Warwick Bridge, Wasdale, Wasdale Head, Watchgate, Watchhill, Watendlath, Water Yeat, Waterend, Waterfoot, Waterhead, Watermillock, Waterside, Wath, Wath Brow, Waverbridge, Waverton, Weasdale, Weddicar, Wellbank, Wellhead, Wellington, Welton, Wescoe, West Causewayhead, West Curthwaite, West End, West Hall, Western Bank, Westfield, Westlinton, Westmoor End, Westnewton, Westward, Wetheral, Wetheral Pasture, Wetheral Plain, Wetheral Shield, Whale, Whamtown, Wharton, Whasset, Wheelbarrow Hall, Whelpo, Wheyrigg, Whicham, Whinfell, Whinfield, Whinnow, Whitbeck, Whiteclosegate, Whitecroft, Whitefield, Whitehall, Whitehaven, Whitrigg, Whitrigglees, Whitwell and Selside, Wickers Gill, Wickerslack, Wiggonby, Wigton, Wild Duck, Willow Holme, Wilton, Winder, Windermere, Winderwath, Winscales, Winskill, Winster, Winton, Witherslack, Wolsty, Woodend, Woodgate, Woodhall, Woodhouse, Woodhouses, Woodhow, Woodland, Woodrow, Woodside, Workington, Wreah, Wreaks End, Wreay, Wythop, Wythop Mill, Yanwath and Eamont Bridge, Yarlside, Yearngill, Yeathouse, Yewdale, Yottenfews


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